Thursday, May 22, 2014

Interactive applications to get a boost

The days of the touch screen may be counted. Well, in a few years anyways.

The folks at Metaio are demonstrating a new thermal detection technology that could have a big impact in the way we create and use interactive kiosks. By combining existing hardware with some custom software, Metaio has found a way to track interactivity in the real world, essentially by detecting a heat signature that we all leave behind each time each time we touch something.  With their technology,  touching a physical object will work just like a mouse click.

Gizmodo has a nice article about this and you can also check out a video that demonstrate how this technology could work.

I can see a lot of great applications for this such as e-commerce and wayfinding.  Interesting stuff...

photo credit: redtouchmedia via photopin cc

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