Thursday, May 3, 2012

Taking control of your PC player network

Have you ever deployed a PC based digital signage solution? If so, you have certainly experienced the odd PC crash or equipment failure.  It doesn't matter which software solution you're running on... PCs like any tech devices can and will fail.  This is why you must be adequately prepared to detect when a failure is imminent and take action to prevent or recover after the PC becomes unresponsive.

Most digital signage operators already use software based solutions like LogMeIn and GoToMyPC or hardware based solutions like Wake-on-LAN.  These inexpensive and often free technologies are great for simple PC troubleshooting.  However, you need a more robust solution when a PC experiences a major crash due to a memory leak or other catastrophic failure.  A non-responsive PC can still be rebooted and restored to a working state, buying you time to determine the cause of the problem.

If you want to know more about PC remote control and troubleshooting, download my latest tutorial in PDF format.  This document covers a wide variety of tools and services you can use to restore a PC to working order in no time.