Monday, November 26, 2012

Navori software now supports mobile digital signage applications

Digital signage software publishers are constantly looking for new and innovative uses for their products, which is "driving" (pardon the pun)  a big push into mobile applications.  With PC hardware shrinking in size and widespread access to mobile Internet via 3G and WiFi, it's a safe bet we're about to see a lot of innovation in the mobile sector.

Take for example Navori SA who recently introduced a GPS add-on for their QL digital signage software platform. With this add-on is installed on a PC running the Navori QL Player software, an operator can associate a media file to any GPS waypoint.  Media playback is triggered whenever the PC comes within range of the programmed location and by "daisy-chaining" multiple waypoints together, network operators can manage entire routes.  The process is as easy as dropping pins on a map.

Setup is easy enough.  On the vehicle side, you will need a mobile PC.  Essentially a small form factor, multimedia-capable Windows PC that can be run off a 12v DC power source.  You will also need a GPS antennae for the PC and a copy of the Navori QL Player software with the GPS module activated.  A screen is only required if you only wish to play more than audio announcements.

Once the system is fully operational, media will be triggered according to the vehicle's location.

It should also be noted the Navori QL Player software can be programmed to automatically switch between 3G and WiFi connections on the fly and you can even specify which WiFi connection to use by restricting access to a specific SSID.

Here are some potential applications:
  • City buses, tour buses, subways or tram cars: Trigger audio announcements as the vehicle approaches the next stop or station.
  • Taxi cabs: Play visual or audio announcements as the vehicle approaches paid advertiser's location (restaurant, retail store, bar, concert hall, etc...)
Since mobile digital signage works off GPS coordinates, you're not restricted to streets.  Perhaps one day we'll see mobile digital signage pop-up on golf courses, boat tours and other outdoor venues.

photo credit: oscar juarez via photopin cc

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Flypaper announcements

Flypaper has recently made a few important announcements so lets take a closer look and see.

Flypaper Connect - Show Live Data with No Coding

Flypaper creation tools (DS and Pro versions) already support live data display via RSS feeds and web services.  Previous and current versions of Flypaper still let you create digital signage content that displays news, sport scores, live weather feeds with no coding required but with Flypaper Connect we go even further.

Flypaper Connect, lets you display content stored in Google worksheets, CSV files, and other live data sources.  I have seen this product in action and I can honestly say it's the easiest way to display live data in a Flash SWF file with no coding required.

Content development shops already using Flypaper will be thrilled with the enhanced functionality.  Small corporate teams who don't have access to technical staff will also benefit from this product.

The Flypaper Connect components help you create dynamic menu boards very quickly and your customers can update the content in real time simply by editing a Google worksheet.  You can use this technique to display sales figures, call center response times, share prices or any other useful data from a wide variety of sources.

The list of Flypaper Connect components will grow over time.  For example, there are plans to add Google Calendar, PHP and .Net connect components in the near future.

Flypaper connect is billed annually and pricing will be set according to the number of connections that you require (0-50, 51-250 or unlimited).  An example of a connection being one Flypaper app connecting to one page of a Google worksheet in a user's Google Docs account.  Consulting, custom programming in PHP or .Net and training will all be extra.

Flypaper Marketplace - Buy and Sell Content

The other piece of news concerns the new Flypaper Marketplace.  This new website lets Flypaper and Flypaper Express users share templates, components, media and entire projects in one location.  Flypaper version 3.7 and Flypaper Express users can access this service directly from within the application by selecting the Flypaper Marketplace from the toolbar menu.  You can also visit directly from your web browser.

Use the site for inspiration, share your creations for free or you can also sell your creative content for a fee.

I think this site has great potential and hope to see it become populated with good content as word spreads around the Flypaper user community.

These new features help make an already good product even better.  Now more than ever, Flypaper will appeal to the casual user and to professional content developers.  There is something here for everyone.

For pricing and other information, I suggest you contact your local Flypaper reseller or visit the Flypaper website.